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UltraCare at home® Program

Fresenius Medical Care’s UltraCare at home® program is designed to deliver the services you need to ensure success on home dialysis, including continuous education, training and home monitoring. The program also offers clinical and technical support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Want to find out if home
dialysis is right for you?

Why Home Dialysis?

A growing number of doctors and patients agree that home dialysis is the best option whenever possible. More and more dialysis patients are choosing home dialysis over in-center treatment. The advantages of performing dialysis at home are compelling:

    • Home dialysis improves quality of life. Home dialysis allows patients to perform treatments in the comfort of their own homes on their own schedule. Patients who receive dialysis treatment at night or on a home schedule often feel better overall and continue to lead more normal work and social lives.1
    • Home dialysis improves outcomes. Home dialysis patients are often able to reduce dietary restrictions and maintain blood pressure control with less medication. This leads to improved nutritional and functional status and lower mortality rates for both peritoneal dialysis2 and home hemodialysis.3


Home Dialysis with Vanessa
  • Vanessa discusses how home dialysis has improved her life, allowing her to work and spend time with family.

The Future of Home Dialysis
  • Tour an UltraCare at home® facility to learn how dedicated home programs are improving the lives of our home dialysis customers.

Home Dialysis Monitoring
  • Home Monitoring

    Stay connected to your healthcare provider through our exclusive remote home dialysis monitoring service.

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