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RightStart In-Center Guide

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A series of guides to help patients get off to a good start!

RightStart™, the first program of its kind, was created by Fresenius Medical Care with the goal of improving patient outcomes for new dialysis patients through intensive education, encouragement and support to help them manage their treatment and overall health.

Learn about the RightStart Program
Learn about what to expect when starting dialysis, including choosing access, treatment options, and healthy lifestyle choices .

Learn About RightStart

A key element of the RightStart™ Program is a series of Resource Guides given to patients within the first four months of their dialysis treatments.  The guides also serve as a useful resource for all dialysis patients, family members and care partners, to help make better decisions directed at living a better quality of life on dialysis.

These guides are now available online for easy access by anyone wanting to learn more about getting the most out of their treatments, regardless of how long they have received dialysis treatment.

The more you know the more confident and in control you will feel!

Topics include:

  • What to Expect When You Start In-Center Hemodialysis
  • Feeling Good Starts with Choosing a Great Access
  • Keeping Your Fistula or Graft Strong
  • Caring for Your Hemodialysis Catheter
  • Rx for Dialysis: Medications
  • Enjoy Your Life
  • You Have Options/Treatments for Kidney Failure
  • Foods for Healthy Living
  • Plan Ahead for Disasters
  • Healthy Labs and a Healthier You
  • Dialysis and Diabetes Care
  • Power Tools:  Worksheets to help patients succeed in managing their healthcare

Unique features include:

  • Links to key related subject matter:  videos, websites, and helpful resources.
  • Print Capability:  Allows patients to share this information with their family members and care partners as they work together to manage the everyday challenges they are faced with. We invite you to share these guides with them as well!