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Meet Bryan Jones

Patient Takes Back the Day with In-Center Nocturnal Dialysis

Bryan Jones, 43, from Biloxi, MS has had end-stage renal disease (ESRD) for the past six years. He was dialyzing in-center 3 days a week at nearby Fresenius Medical Care D’Iberville. Treatments sometimes left Bryan feeling tired and too weak to play with his kids. So when his center began offering nocturnal dialysis, he was ready to see if it would make a difference in his quality of life. He has been on nocturnal dialysis for more than a year now.

For many patients like Bryan, in-center nocturnal dialysis can offer lifestyle and health benefits that make their lives better. Bryan dialyzes 3 nights a week for 8 hours while he sleeps, instead of during the day while he’s awake. Bryan’s days are free to work and live a more normal life. He’s able to maintain a more active lifestyle—he sometimes bikes to and from his treatments to stay in shape, a seven-mile trip—spend more time with his family and work during the day. Nocturnal dialysis also allows for a more regular eating schedule and fewer dietary restrictions.

Since he began nocturnal dialysis, Bryan says he has reduced his blood pressure medications from three to only one. Now when he gets home, “I can run up the stairs, instead of walk! This is as close to normal I’ve felt since starting dialysis.”

Bryan’s nurse, Ashley Suire, R.N., says that Bryan has a great attitude and is dedicated to his treatment program. “He is very encouraging to other patients and likes to talk about how the nocturnal treatment has benefited him. He says he wishes all patients could find a treatment option to feel as good as he does,” says Ashley.